With this space-as-a-website, we want to explore network structures and the principles of information interconnectedness and sequencing. The same mechanic of hyper-linkin, known from the World Wide Web, applies here as well, although translated into the third dimension.

Knowledge is hyperdimensional. Everything is connected with everything: intertwined. Hypertext, the world wide web, and thus the internet, is the vast collection of said knowledge. Websites are single points in this interconnected information space. They are two-dimensional projections, without depth, without visible connections. The argument can be made, that HTML, the basis language of every website, lacks important features for visualizing the network-like structure of the internet.

Created by Joscha BrĂ¼ning and Benjamin Unterluggauer. This site is Powered by Are.na. Each element represents a Block and contains either text, image or other media.